Available Beginning Spring/Summer 2022


Holistic Empowerment Signature Program

Everyone goes through stages or cycles in life where you feel stuck or concealed from the world. The good news is that you do not have to remain in that place.

Ten-month personal enhancement program

Emergence™ Holistic Empowerment Signature Program is created on the principle that in order to function it is imperative that we are stable in every area of life.

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“Nurturing yourself is not selfish – it’s essential to your survival and your well-being.” - Renee Peterson Trudeau


Emergence™ was created in the framework of the stages of giving birth – from Conception to Delivery.

Holistic Empowerment is an intimately interconnected, characterized process of becoming stronger and more confident in controlling one's life by reference to the whole. The program will foster an experience that will equip you with life changing resources and tools and propel you into the process of coming into view.

Through the Five Areas of Transformation™ (mental, emotional, physical, social/cultural, and spiritual wellness), you will journey on a path towards inward healing, outward transformation, and equipoise (balance).

This will include modules with videos, recordings, activity sheets, assessments, etc. The program will conclude with a fabulous culmination celebrating the transformation that has taken place.

This program is the length of a pregnancy (36 to 40 weeks or roughly 9 to 10 months)

one to two weeks

Program Introduction, Goal and Objectives

Inward Healing
First Trimester

Mental and Emotional Wellness with Reflection

Outward Transformation
Second Trimester

Physical and Social/Cultural Wellness with Reflection

Third Trimester

Spiritual Wellness with Reflection


A Live/Virtual Event to Celebrate

BONUSES (VALUE - $1,260.00)

Ticket (in-person or virtual) for Program Finale

Two One Hour Clarity Sessions (Life Coaching)

Two One Hour Verdure Sessions (Wellness Coaching)

Customized Protein Shaker Bottle

Portion Control Kit

The 90 Day Holistic Empowerment Journal by Emily Michelle Blue

Soul Purpose/Youngevity Gift Package

  • Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0

  • Teardrop Essential Oils Diffuser

  • Simply or Lovely Day Body Custard

  • Lovely Day Soy Candle

  • Be Well Massage Balm

  • Lavender Dream Sugar Scrub

  • Calming Diffuser Blend Kit

  • Simply or Lovely Day Body Wash


Get optimum effectiveness

There is no picking and choosing in this program - the program is done by participants in sequential order.
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